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Tsukada Nojo Farm, Miyazaki, Japan

Did you know? Our company's story began with Tsukada Farm that is located in Miyazaki, Japan. We tried to develop the local farmers and raised our Jidori chicken along with other ingredients. We are going global by opening branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, USA, and now Indonesia. We aim to unleash the potential of local farmers everywhere we expand, including the great archipelago.

Bijin Nabe has been expanding the business with 251 restaurants in Japan and 18 restaurants overseas. Indonesia is the 251st branch.

Bijin Nabe Open The First Outlet in Jakarta

Japan-based AP Company Co., Ltd, which operates a network of more than 250 acclaimed restaurants, marked its entry into Indonesia with the inauguration of its first outlet under the company’s flagship restaurant brand, Tsukada Nojo. Located at Plaza Senayan, the Bijin Nabe Beauty Hot pot restaurant is expected to appeal to the taste buds of discerning Indonesian food lovers who want to experience the richness of Japanese cuisine, and also benefiting from the health-giving properties of collagen.
Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo, which was recently launched in Singapore and the Philippines, is unique because of its signature beauty collagen hot pot, also known as bijin nabe in Japan.
The uniqueness of Bijin Nabe Beauty Hotpot comes a rich, exquisite broth made using the natural collagen from selected chicken which is tastier and richer in collagen. Producing the famous broth involves a long process in which the meat and bones are stewed with fresh ingredients over an 8-hour period. This allows all the the collagen from the bones and meat to be completely dissolved into the stock. 
This special chicken collagen stock is available in five flavors (Original, Jjigae, Miso, Sukiyaki and 2 Flavors) and Konbu soup for an option beside collagen soup, served as a set with fresh meat, seafood, or chicken and vegetables which are presented in stylish Japanese multi-tiered boxes to provide a true traditional Japanese touch. In addition to the signature collagen soup set, Bijin Nabe’s menu also includes a wide range of specialty dishes such as Bijin Men ramen noodles which only available during lunch time.

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Plaza Senayan Lt.5 unit Cp 512-513, Jl. Asia

Afrika No.8, RT.1/RW.3, Gelora, Kota Jakarta

Pusat, DKI 10270

Phone: 021-5725064

Whatsapp: 0813 1627 7399

Pondok Indah Mall 3 Lt. 1 No. 124

Jl. Kartika Utama Blok V/TA Pondok Indah

Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 021-27811515

Whatsapp: 0821 2307 2616